Street-Smart” is Receiving Rave Reviews … and So is Bobby’s Latest CD, “New Christian Songs”!

Out of the blue, with no prior singing experience, Bobby’s gifted, baritone voice came as astonishing surprise to everyone who thought they knew him. That’s because no one … not even his mother … had ever heard him sing before! That is, until he was drafted for the Korean War as a teenager and won “THE ALL-ARMY SINGING CONTEST”! Bobby became an overnight sensation as “The Singing Soldier Who Traded-In His M-1 Rifle for a Microphone!” (see “Be All You Can Be” on page 20).

After the Army, Bobby guest starred on numerous radio and television shows, toured with Big Bands, headlined famous supper clubs and appeared on “YOUR HIT PARADE”, the most popular television show in musical history.

Now in his 90s, Bobby still sings beautifully. Click on and listen to these tracks from his latest New Christian Songs CD:

In his 80s, Bobby was still hitting those high notes with ease. Just click on and listen to any of these songs from Bobby’s prior Still Singing Encores CD:

Click here to listen to more of Bobby’s songs!

Bobby … An Award-Winning Composer Who Does Not Read Music …

If you watched television or listened to the radio from the 60s to the 90s … you probably heard Bobby’s music themes and jingles. He created more than a hundred of these by singing all of his lyrics, melodies and arrangements into a recorder for his musicians and singers to follow. The results: award winning music! Here are a few examples:

It’s not where you start … It’s where you finish!

Bobby will be making limited personal appearances throughout the year.

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