Bobby Phillips … Author of “Street-Smart

Bobby’s diversified accomplishments speak for themselves …

Bobby Phillips is an award-winning artist, photographer, mystery writer, vocalist, inventor and a serial entrepreneur. He won the All-Army Singing Contest, sang on NBC TV’s Your Hit Parade, was musical host for TV Magazine and wrote mystery stories for Mystery Digest.

He is the founder of Creative Services, Inc., where his work garnished numerous awards, including “First Place” National awards for Best TV Commercials, Best Jingles and Best Inspirational Song, Look Into Your Heart.

Born during the Great Depression, against all odds, Bobby became financially independent at age ten. Stories about this savvy, street-smart kid “Working His Way Thru Kindergarten” are now legendary. So are his many entrepreneurial achievements. Bobby’s innovative thinking and out of the box, creativity led to a lifetime of impressive “firsts”.

Did You Know Bobby …

  • Started All-Night Television in America (page 68)
  • Introduced Fresh-Fruit Yogurt to America (page 72)
  • Originated the First “Frequent Flyer” Program (page 59)
  • Invented Revolutionary Color-Coded Circuit Boards (page 103)
  • Created One of America’s Most Popular Board Games (page 110)
  • Conceived the “Garden Kitchen” and “Invisible Fire Station” (page 93/94)
  • Developed Long-Term Auto Financing Program For Mercedes-Benz That Forever Changed the Way We Buy Cars (page 98)

Bobby’s legendary accomplishments are well documented and his “Street-Smart” advice often appears in major publications.

Motivational College and University Guest Lecturer …

Bobby did not go to college. His presentations at institutions of higher learning are about the knowledge one does not get in college. Professor of Advertising, John Hall, at Southern Methodist University, compares Bobby Phillips to the fictional MadMen TV characters who came out of nowhere to become America’s most creative innovators. Bobby is one of the very few, if not the only still active advertising pioneer from the early sixties. This is the era historians refer to as the “Creative Revolution”, where status quo rules were broken.

Professor Hall said, “Bobby Phillips is a living example of Mark Twain’s famous quote, ‘Don’t let schooling interfere with your education’ and he is now our most popular guest lecturer”. Another university professor said, “While all the other kids were busy trying to figure out which crayons to use, Bobby Phillips was already a ‘Roads’ scholar at Street-Smart University!”

It’s not where you start … It’s where you finish!

Bobby will be making limited personal appearances throughout the year.

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